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We offer complete Jewelry and gemstones manufacturing solutions for businesses and individuals looking for a more cost effective solution to manufacture high quality Jewelry and gemstones products in a timely, efficient, and precise manner. We are fully owned manufacturing facilities. We focus on manufacturing very high quality Jewelry and gemstones for our customers at affordable cost. Our manufacturing process includes extensive QC which is done in every stages of production process. Pieces of Jewelry being manufactured are QC’d in wax, after casting, again before polishing, again after setting, again after plating, and finally are inspected a last time when packing for shipping. In gemstone manufacturing process intense care is taken at each stage of manufacturing process, right from the selection of rough, after selection of the rough all measures are care to get the best finish out of rough through rough marking (plotting), again after slicing, again after performing, again after shaping, again after polishing and finally before final dispatch all stones are thoroughly checked. This process allows for us to maintain very high quality standards.

All of our jewelry is custom made to order in our facility, our team of highly skilled craftsmen has over 15 years of rich experience, so you can be assured that the quality of our work will always be at par with your expectations.

Traditionally, the art of craftsmanship was passed over by craftsmen through the generations, and has been mastered and advanced over the years throughout of the jewelry industry.

At Paraiba Gems the traditional methods of jewelry crafting, are not only honored and much appreciated as the great heritage of the past, but these are also in common use. Years of experience using Old hand casting, carving and forging techniques, are an integral part of the jewelry design and manufacturing.

Nonetheless, the age old techniques are combined with today’s most modern technological advances in the jewelry industry, using only state of the art facilities, the fines materials. Not compromising the excellence of production, detailed sketches incorporating these raw materials are explored in the design studio, enabling the creation of the most intricate pieces. Based on the client and design requirement we choose the choose the manufacturing methods.

Our facility utilizes some of the latest technology in jewelry manufacturing including laser welding machines for seamless welding, computer aided design software for 3D modeling of all our jewelry, and quality control at each stage.  

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