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This section includes information on various jewelry publications – Magazines and books, available on Jewelry, Gemstones, Precious Metals, Setting Styles, Fashion and Jewelry Industry. You can subscribe the magazines from the givens links as well as you can buy the suggested books on Jewelry and Gemstones from online book stores.

Publication Type – Magazine / Journal

Publication Title – Art Jewelry

Publication Description – This magazine features artists work primarily with metal, wire, metal clay, stone, polymer clay, and complementary materials. They publish articles on specific jewelry-making techniques, informational pieces, a gallery showcasing inspirational jewelry and a regular column exploring the use of jewelry techniques to create non-jewelry objects.

Publication Title – Beads 2008

Publication Description – This annual issue features over 120 Beads, Findings and other Jewelry-making Materials. It covers latest Bead gossip, Bead Show calendar, Basic Techniques, Resource Guide, Bead Societies & Shops and Bead Projects.

Publication Title – Beadwork

Publication Description – This magazine covers all types of Beadwork including projects, interviews, reviews, tips & techniques. It offers 6 issues a year.

Publication Title – Colored Stone

Publication Description – Colored Stone is an international trade magazine that covers all facets of the colored gemstone industry, including new sources for colored gemstones, mining and processing, manufacturing, retail sales, consumer buying trends, marketing and promotion, gem cutting and jewelry design and technological developments pertaining to the trade.

Publication Title – Creative Jewelry 

Publication Description – This annual issue features over 135 fabulous Necklace, Bracelet and Earring designs. It offers various projects and allows you to inspire your own ideas and define your style.

Publication Title – Easy Wire

Publication Description – This onetime special issue is a must-have guide for Beaders who want to learn the basics of working with wire. It offers over 60 projects using basic wirework techniques, Tools and their usage, Unique and stylish Beads and Findings and tips on working with Wire etc.

Publication Title – Gems & Gemology

Publication Description – This quarterly journal offers up-to-date technical information about Diamonds and Colored Stones - where they are found, their special characteristics, simulants and synthetics, treatments and identification techniques. It covers in-depth research articles written by the world’s leading gemologists and summaries of important articles recently published elsewhere.

Publication Title – Instore

Publication Description – This magazine targets American jewelry store owners to offer relevant and useful information about Jewelry.

Publication Title – Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist

Publication Description – This magazine mainly covers topics related to Jewelry making, Metalsmithing, Metal clay, Gems, Minerals as well as artist profiles and monthly show calendar. It offers 12 issues a year.

Publication Title – Lustre

Publication Description – Lustre Magazine is the Jewelry Trade Publication for the Luxury Jeweler who caters to an upscale clientele. It provides America’s best Jewelers with critical information on the lifestyle trends, influences and overall luxury buying patterns that impact the purchases of affluent Jewelry Customers.

Publication Title – Metalsmith

Publication Description – This magazine offers in-depth content on Metalsmithing and Jewelry.

Publication Title – MJSA Journal

Publication Description – This magazine is dedicated to Jewelry Manufacturing published by American Jewelry Manufacturer (AJM) and allows you to understand various aspects and techniques of Jewelry Manufacturing.

Publication Title – Modern Jeweler

Publication Description – Modern Jeweler magazine have focus on New Jewelry Trends, Jewelry Marketing Strategies, Latest Jewelry Fashion and New Techniques & Materials. It also offers new products that jewelers need to buy and the in-depth product knowledge they need to sell them.

Publication Title – Ornament

Publication Description – This magazine offers information about various ornaments, creative work, enlightening articles on contemporary artists as well as emphasizing past traditions and technologies. It covers the very best of personal adornment: ancient, contemporary, ethnographic, jewelry, art couture, beads, costume.

Publication Title – Professional Jeweler Magazine

Publication Description – This magazine targets Jewelry Retailers all across the USA. It offers useful information in easy to understand manner as well as tips and techniques of selling jewelry products.

Publication Title – Rocks & Minerals

Publication Description – Rocks & minerals magazine publishes articles on Mineralogy, Geology and Paleontology for amateurs as well as professional scientists. Rocks & Minerals works with the Mineralogical Society of America to promote cooperation between collectors and professional mineralogists.

Publication Title – Step by Step Beads

Publication Description – This magazine covers topics related to Bead Making including Bead Jewelry projects, Bead shops and Bead classes. This magazine offers 6 issues a year.

Publication Title – Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry

Publication Description – This magazine is published five times a year and is packed with detailed and illustrated how-to projects, this magazine is for wire jewelry makers of all levels. Inside each issue are articles by expert and well-known authors showing readers how to make attractive, inexpensive and creative wire jewelry using tools, wire, stones, findings, beads, gems, jigs, pearls and more.

Publication Title – Stringing

Publication Description – This magazine covers ideas & inspiration for Beaded Jewelry including latest Jewelry Designs. It offers 4 issues a year.

Publication Title – The Best of Beadwork

Publication Description – This onetime special issue is featuring 30 of Beadwork magazine’s best-ever projects. This issue features Fashion-savvy pieces, Loads of beading techniques, Unique and creative designs, Step-by-step instructions, Illustrations and more.

Publication Title – The Wire Artist Jeweller

Publication Description – This magazine offers Wire Art Projects, Wire Jewelry Information, Beading, Wire Artist Group, Events and Wire Art History. This magazine offers 10 issues a year.

Publication Type – Book

Book Title – An Illustrated Dictionary of Jewelry 
Author – Harold Newman 
Publisher - Thames & Hudson (October 1994) 

Book Description – An in-depth Jewelry Dictionary from A to Z, offers definitions terms and descriptions in very easy to understand language. Images are nicely used to illustrate the jewelry terms.

Book Title – Answers to Questions About Old Jewelry: Covers 1840-1950 
Author – Jeanenne Bell 
Publisher - Krause Publications; 6 Rev Sub edition (June 2003) 

Book Description – This book is valuable for those people, who are curious about old jewelry. It helps readers to find out circa date for their pieces, authenticate and identify metals, and determine the value of treasured items made from 1840 to 1950. It also gives answers to questions about jewelry manufacturing and construction techniques.

Book Title – Blood Diamonds: Tracing the Deadly Path of the World’s Most Precious Stones 
Author – Greg Campbell 
Publisher - Basic Books (September 2002) 

Book Description – A book totally dedicated on ‘conflict diamonds’ or ‘blood diamonds’ which account for only three to four percent of all diamonds sold, are mined in war zones, smuggled out of the country and sold to legitimate companies, financing ruinous civil wars and the plots of international terrorists.

Book Title – Chasing Metal - Ancient Metalworking Technique with Modern Applications 
Author – Marcia Lewis 
Publisher - LarMar Productions (1994) 

Book Description – This book describes Metal Techniques and step-by-step methods for making light weight jewelry and sculptural objects. It also covers applying chasing to limited production fabrication techniques and demonstrates how to work metal directly or combine it with other fabrication techniques such as die forming and hydraulic press forming.

Book Title – Collecting & Repairing Watches 
Author – Max Cutmore 
Publisher - David & Charles Publishers (July 2001) 

Book Description – This book examines the technology and manufacture of all types of watch; offers collectors advice on what to look for; and includes a step-by-step assessment guide to use when purchasing. Basic instructions are provided on repair work, identifying essential tools and materials.

Book Title – Diamond Ring Buying Guide: How to Evaluate, Identify and Select Diamonds & Diamond Jewelry 
Author – Renee Newman 
Publisher - International Jewelry Publications; 6 edition (January 2002) 

Book Description – This is one of the best available buying guides for Diamond Ring. It offers excellent photographs and features how to evaluate, identify and select diamonds and diamond jewelry.

Book Title – Engagement & Wedding Rings: The Definitive Buying Guide for People in Love 
Author – Antoinette L. Matlins & Antonio C. Bonanno 
Publisher - Gemstone Press; 2nd edition (August 1999) 

Book Description – It is a must read book for any person who is either in love or getting engaged/ married. It offers in-depth knowledge on Engagement & Wedding Rings.

Book Title – Gem & Jewelry Pocket Guide: A Traveler’s Guide to Buying Diamonds, Colored Gems, Pearls, Gold and Platinum Jewelry 
Author – Renee Newman 
Publisher - International Jewelry Publications (September 2006) 

Book Description – This is a perfect pocket-sized companion for those traveling and thinking about purchasing jewelry or stones. It covers important information on how to select jewelers and appraisers; a chapter on notable gem sources and which countries are noted for specific gems; information on coral, ivory and amber; precautions one must take when buying from an unfamiliar source; and customs regulations, duties and how to use lab reports.

Book Title – Gemstone Buying Guide: How to Evaluate, Identify, Select & Care for Colored Gems 
Author – Renee Newman 
Publisher - International Jewelry Publications (April 2003) 

Book Description – This book offers finest collections of gem photographs along with information needed to show the customer what a stone is, interesting facts about particular species and advice on cleaning. It covers how to evaluate cuts, styles, color and inclusions. Treatments, phenomenal stones and synthetic stones are also described.

Book Title – Gemstones of the World 
Author – Walter Schumann 
Publisher - Sterling (October 2000) 

Book Description – This is one of the best available books on the subject and offers detailed information on all the gemstones. It includes more than 1,500 full-color photos showcase each precious and semiprecious stone in its rough natural state as well as in its polished and cut renditions. Each entry offers complete information on a gemstone’s formation and structure, physical properties and characteristics, methods of working, cutting, and polishing. Everything is covered, including imitations, synthetics, and combined stones.

Book Title – How to Be a Jewelry Detective 
Author – Jeanenne Bell 
Publisher - A.D. Publishing (January 2001) 

Book Description – An informative book offers basic information that you need in order to identify metals and stones. This elementary handbook supplies the necessary knowledge and tools to uncover the mysteries of fine, costume and Mexican jewelry.

Book Title – Jewelry & Gems at Auction: The Definitive Guide to Buying & Selling at the Auction House & on Internet Auction Sites 
Author – Antoinette Matlins, Jill Newman 
Publisher - Gemstone Press (June 2002) 

Book Description – This book covers everything that you need to know before buying or selling gems and jewelry at auction. With comprehensive price charts and auction results, as well as resource information on auction houses and websites, Jewelry & Gems at Auction is a book no potential auction buyer or seller can afford to be without.

Book Title – Jewelry & Gems: The Buying Guide--How to Buy Diamonds, Pearls, Colored Gemstones, Gold & Jewelry With Confidence and Knowledge 
Author – Antoinette Matlins, A. C. Bonanno 
Publisher - Gemstone Press (September 2001) 

Book Description – This complete book explains how to buy diamonds, pearls, precious and other popular colored gems, gold and jewelry with confidence and knowledge. This book includes sections on design and style, pearls, gold, and platinum, as well as full coverage of recently discovered new gems to look for. The Buying Guide covers every aspect of purchasing and enjoying jewelry and gems.

Book Title – Jewelry: From Antiquity to the Present (World of Art) 
Author – Clare Phillips 
Publisher - Thames & Hudson (May 1996) 

Book Description – This is one of the best book which offers general overview of jewelry history. Starting around 30,000 BC and ending around 1988, the book covers a wide variety of styles and eras as well as gives great overview of all the techniques and materials used in jewelry creation. This book is useful to anyone interested in gaining an understanding of how jewelry has evolved throughout history.

Book Title – Jewelry Handbook: How to Select, Wear & Care for Jewelry 
Author – Renee Newman 
Publisher - International Jewelry Publications (March 2007) 

Book Description – This is a very good book, for jewelry professional as well as non-professional general readers, which offers information on the right jewelry to match a lifestyle, a budget and even a body type. This book includes wonderful color photographs and detailed and clear information on how to select and wear jewelry along with very useful tips on how to properly care for jewelry.

Book Title – Jewels and Jewelry 
Author – Clare Phillips 
Publisher - Watson-Guptill Publications (April 2000) 

Book Description – This gem of a book sparkles with the diamonds, emeralds, rubies and exceptional examples of goldsmith’s art in the spectacular collection of England’s grand Victoria and Albert Museum. In addition to the full range of precious stones, materials include jet, marcasite and steel. Russian crown jewels and other famous pieces are shown, encompassing rings, brooches, pendants, earrings, tiaras, buckles, hair combs, and decorative scent bottles.

Book Title – Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald Buying Guide: How to Evaluate, Identify, Select & Care for These Gemstones 
Author – Renee Newman 
Publisher - International Jewelry Publications (March 2002) 

Book Description – This user friendly and easy to understand book covers all required technical details also to help consumers make wise purchases. This book’s photographs are excellent with close-ups and magnifications of details such as finish, settings, cut, clarity, flaws, and fakes.

Book Title – Simon & Schuster’s Guide to Gems and Precious Stones 
Author – Simon & Schuster 
Publisher - Fireside (March 1986) 

Book Description – This is a very detailed and comprehensive book for anyone interested in knowing about gems and precious stones. This easy-to-use book covers more than 450 brilliant photographs accompany profiles of each gem, covering such aspects as appearance, physical properties -- density, hardness, refraction -- occurrence, and how to judge quality and value.

Book Title – The Curious Lore of Precious Stones 
Author – George Frederick Kunz 
Publisher - Dover Publications (June 1971) 

Book Description – This book, written by a foremost gemologist, presents definitive study of the magical abilities and strange characteristics of precious stones. It covers wide range of sources to reveal magic, occult, medicinal and religious uses of dozens of gems.

Book Title – The Nature of Diamonds 
Author – George E. Harlow 
Publisher - Cambridge University Press (October 1997) 

Book Description – This is a comprehensive book for people who take interest in nature’s most coveted gem. Leading geologists, gemologists, physicists, and cultural observers cover every facet of the stone, from its formation in the depths of the Earth, its ascent to the surface, and its economic, regal, social, and technological roles. Cutting-edge research takes the reader to the frontiers of diamond exploration and exploitation.

Book Title – The Master Jewelers 
Author – A. Kenneth Snowman 
Publisher - Thames & Hudson (November 2002) 

Book Description – This book includes chapters written by many connoisseurs and scholars and covers history and productivity of various legendary jewelry firms as well as master craftsmen in the decorative and applied arts. It includes many historic photographs of master jewelers’ shops, famous clients and lost works.

Book Title – Timepieces: Masterpieces of Chronometry 
Author – David Christianson 
Publisher - Firefly Books (November 2002) 

Book Description – This colorful book is written by a renowned watchmaker who unfolds history from the sundial to the atomic clock, accenting the inventions and artistry of the craft. Numerous diagrams show various versions of a device.

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