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Quality Policy

(Quality – Occupational Health and Safety – Environment)


In order to maintain our leader firm positioning in the jewelry sector, maintain our power, and achieve our targets,



  • Achieve continuous improvement in line with the standards of the Quality Management, Occupational Health and Safety Management, and Environmental Management systems and the relevant legislations, and be open to innovations,
  • Improve our product and service quality continuously in line with our customers’ demands and expectations, and thus increase the customer satisfaction,
  • Increase the efficiency in the production of our product mix by working systematically and in a scheduled manner without compromising on the quality, and create value-added in the jewelry sector through innovative efforts,
  • Prevent the possible damages to the environment by predetermining the potential risks related to our operations, and thus avoid environmental pollution,
  • Take all the necessary measures to prevent the occupational diseases, work accidents, and injuries by attaching great importance to our employees’ occupational health and safety,
  • Maintain the trust and satisfaction of our employees, customers, and our suppliers by providing multidirectional communication.


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